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Linksys routers are determined to give you a high security within the network along with the high performance in the Wi-Fi speed. The devices are the perfect source of Entertainment in your home which thrives entertainment to the users with its steady and superior amount of speed. You can add Wi-Fi mesh mode to connect other routers within the network to expand your coverage area to deliver the tremendous amount of Wi-Fi signals within the device.

Reset process
Reset process
Reset process within the Linksys MR 8300 Wi-Fi router is done for restoring the default settings into the router. It removes all the settings within the router which was embedded within the router by the programmers. The settings which are removed after the reset process includes administrative, security and networking setting. Reset process can be done in two ways.

Manual Reset – In manual reset, the user doesn’t need to visit the interface through , he can simply reset it through the reset button residing on the back panel of the device. It is convenient as well as the quick process and also avoids the hindrance of going through the ASUS router login page.

Software Reset- This reset process is done through the system in which the internet is being operated. The method also includes visiting the web management page of It demands internet and also a time-consuming process which acts as the reason that most of the users prefer Manual reset method.

Steps to do the manual reset in Linksys MR 8300 Wi-Fi Mesh router

Take the paper clip or pen and find the reset button behind the device.
Press the button and hold it down for around 10 seconds till power LED of the router doesn’t come to a stable state.
Your router will restart and will come to a default settings state.
Steps to perform the factory reset through the interface of
Steps to perform the factory reset

Open up the browser in your Wi-Fi connected device.
Type as the URL of the browser
Enter the login credentials on the linksys router login page.
Click on Login button and the Home page of the router will get displayed.
Click on troubleshooting tab, then click on Diagnostics tab.
Click on Reset link and the router will get back to its factory default settings.
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